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Finland, Selamat Idul Fitri!


Di Finland/Finlandia lebaran Idul Fitri jatuh di hari selasa 30 Agustus 2011, dan tentu suasananya ga se-euphoric di Indonesia. Biasanya kalian semua diseret famili buat mampir ke rumah mereka, terus dicekokin opor dan ditanyain “KAPAN KAWIN?”. Tapi ga di sini. Doa saya, kalian yang menderita dapet THR yang memuaskan deh :P

Anyway, Idul Fitri di Finland bener2 pengalaman yang baru buat saya. Saya sudah pernah sih lebaran di Singapore tahun 2007 dulu, tapi ga ada apa-apanya dibanding yang ini.

Kok ada balon ijo? Baca lebih lanjut!

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Finland, Eid Mubarak!


Even though it was only three days since Eid Fitr in Finland (which fell on Tuesday, 30 August 2011), you couldn’t really feel the euphoria over here. I know in Indonesia the Eid Fitr is still so strong in the air, your relatives will drag you around visiting their homes. Tough luck, guys.

Anyway, Eid Fitr in Finland is a whole new different level for me. I have experienced Eid Fitr in Singapore on 2007, but it was puny compared to this.

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This is A New Blog!


Hello and welcome to my new blog, Madame Qikas.

This is my second blog and I hope that this would prosper in a longer term rather than my old blog, also hosted in WordPress, NottdeNutt (circa September 2007 – May 2008) . Different from NottdeNutt, a blog that I made in my teenage years, Madame Qikas would probably be more mature in articles, and not so emo anymore.

I opted for the screen name Madame Qikas for this blog, the name mostly inspired by this really kick-ass picture my cousin took meanwhile helping my pre-nuptial photography. Thus the name Madame Qikas was born.

This really kick-ass picture.

For those who read my old blog and would like to know what has happened in the past 3 years, let me tell you (some). I quit my university study in Nanyang Technological University Singapore, for reasons that I will not feed. I am now still in a relationship with BB (Bule Botak), and actually happily married ever since 6 May 2011. From now on, I will refer to him as The Husband.  I am now living in Finland, specifically in the Aura Municipality, and greatly enjoying my life as an Indonesian expatriate.

Madame Qikas would tell you everything (that she wants to) in the blog. From daily cooking recipes to current events. From film photography to enhanced food pictures. If you want to know more about Madame Qikas aka Natasha H. Soini, you could follow my twitter here. I mostly tweet to my friends in Indonesia, but healthy daily complaints will be written mostly in English.

Märkä Suukko,

Madame Qikas