Abbey Dawn’s “Dirty Girl”: Bad, Yet Sooo Good!


Dirty Girl; 5 Inches / 13 CM

Some of my close friends have already known that I have unhealthy obsession with shoes, even though I claimed that I bought them only on “sale”, “discount or “weeks of thinking”. While in my defense those reasons are indeed true, it doesn’t help the fact that I already have 30 pairs of shoes… and still hungry for more.

My most recent additions to my collection are shoes by Abbey Dawn* and Iron Fist*. Now to be honest, my (current) most favorite shoe brand is actually T.U.K. Shoes**, but I’ve already bought all the shoes (on sale LOL) that I’ve already wanted, thus I channeled my obsession to these pairs.

Both of the shoes are my very first try from these brands. To be honest, I’m actually quite excited to have them. Here goes my review for…

Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne (EUR 35,97, on sale); is, of course, designed by that singer. I was never a big fan of  her, so I was a bit skeptical when I made the order. But hey, the shoes were on sale, have a pretty color and black tiny skulls embellishments. What not to like? The price before the discount on was EUR 79,99, so I consider myself lucky.

When I opened the pretty pink box, an unpleasant “new shoes” smell filled my living room. The shoes still smell like leather and glue, and for a so called “quality” brand, you could actually see some messy glue on the heels and a really tiny scuff marks. But then again I’m anal like that, so to some people this actually don’t bother them… maybe not even the smell.

Moving on, though, I noticed that there are even more faulty in these pair of shoes. You can see more pictures after the cut.


You could see over here that that the skulls application are quite untidy, with glue marks and scuffs almost everywhere on the heels. Such a big turn off. These are actually one of the prettiest shoes in my collection, yet they have so many faults. Considering that this brand has recently gone international, I was expecting a better quality. Imagine if I didn’t buy these shoes on a discounted price. How pissed would I be? These actually look like a pair of EUR 20 shoes I could buy in Abendakademie Area in Mannheim. Heck, even the shoes over there are pretty smart in hiding their faulties.


The shoes


Skull embellishments faulty

Despite all the rage I have when I examined the shoes, I still decided to try it on… I might hate myself when I say this but, DAMMIT I LOVE THESE SHOES!

The material (claimed to be vegan leather) fits snuggly and stretches easily after less than 2 hours wear around my apartment. The heels feel comfortable and sturdy, and for something in 13 CM height, they’re pretty easy to walk with. I love these pair so much that I don’t even want to take them off for the next few hours. So despite all the mistakes they did in these shoes, I actually still love them.

But then again, since the material stretched a bit too easily, I’m worried that in the future these shoes might actually wear off pretty quickly. Until then, I’ll keep them nicely stored and taken care of, just like I do to my other babies.

So if I have to say YES or NO to these pair of shoes? I’d say DEFINITELY YES, if you could get them on sale.

Märkä Suukko,

Madame Qikas

Madame Qikas

*International homepage

**UK homepage of T.U.K. shoes

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