Iron Fist’s “Lovelace”: A Tale of an Overpriced Shoes


At the same time I ordered Abbey Dawn’s Dirty Girl from, I also decided to order a pair of Iron Fist’s wedges from the Lovelace series. Now if you’ve been stalking Iron Fist’s shoe designs like me, you might notice that their design is pretty hardcore and creepy in a cute way. Mismatching, non-symmetrical prints on each shoe and full design that give the shoes a life. Now if you’re me, you might also think that Iron Fist, while really interesting, is not a style that you’d usually wear. Therefore you’d spent most of your time stalking Iron Fist shoes and not buying it.

That’s until I found this Iron Fist Lovelace Wedges* being sold in Amazon for EUR 99.99. It’s expensive. Really, really expensive and seriously outside of my normal shoes budget. But hey, ever since I bought my Coralie DUO boots, I decided to calm my boobs and ordered the shoes.


Iron Fist “Lovelace”; 6 Inches / 15 CM

And here’s what I think about these wedges:

Yes, the heels are high, but seriously, these are a pair of goddamned WEDGES. When I slipped these babies on my feet and tried to walk, all I could feel was this “meh” feeling. I guess because it’s been awhile since I put on wedges, so they don’t hurt. To be honest I was a bit intimidated before I tried the shoes on.

But then again, since it wasn’t so hard to walk in, I guess it won’t be hard partying with these too. It still elongates your legs and you’d still be able dancing like mad! Although for a shoes that costs almost 100 Euro, I actually expected a much, much better quality than these. The design and motif are really good, but to be honest, I think the material is a bit too thin. Also, when I received this, I noticed that there are scratches on the straps. It won’t be visible, but they really bother me.




Close up of the print


Scratches on the shoes

Now now, I know the scratches are small, but this is an expensive shoes and I spent my money on this. For sure I’d like this to be in good quality. One would expect that the lace design was actually real lace, and that’s not impossible since I also have a pair of T.U.K. shoes that’s covered in lace and they actually cost LESS than these Iron Fist pair.

But what they did was actually print the motive on a canvas shoes, and voila! Brand it fucking EUR 99,99! Yes yes, it’s a rip-off. Yet I still bought it, so I guess in the end it’s still my fault too. But I can’t resist since I like the color and the print.

If only they weren’t a print… *cue deep sigh*

Even though my first experience with Iron Fist is quite unsatisfying, the next shoe on my list is going to be another one (and prolly the last) from Iron Fist Shoes. But this time, it’s going to be a pair of stiletto.

Märkä Suukko,

Madame Qikas

Madame Qikas

*Another series from Iron Fist Lovelace: Stiletto and Flats

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    • I might love these babies better than the pink Abbey Dawn if only it weren’t so overpriced. Also, the heels didn’t give me the “painful” satisfaction whenever I walk on them :))

      On the side note, my pink Abbey Dawn actually straight off look like generic plastic Barbie shoes either in color or in style, save for the black skull studs. It’s actually pretty hilarious. I felt like a punk Barbie :))

  1. Gue udah bilang di facebook dan instagram tapi kayaknya kurang greget ya kalo belum mampir kemari. Aahhhh gue suka sepatu ini D8< despite tingginya yg bakal bikin gue jatoh kalo naik busway tapi detil lacenyaaa aaaaaaaa victorian (?)

    • Yah gue ga menyarankan sih ya pake ini dibawa naek Busway hihih xD
      But seriously, meskipun gue suka motifnya, agak kecewa aja ternyata motifnya diprint di sepatu bahan kanvas, terus dibandrol 1,3jt :-/

  2. Hi there, I have to agree! I love iron fist clothing but hardly own anything from the brand, and spend more of my time, browsing their stuff online. These are fantastic! I’m usually a huge fan of their illustrative designs, and these are just that little bit softer, feminine design, with that usual iron first edge.

    • Yes! Iron Fist has really amazing illustrative design compared to my favorite shoes brand, T.U.K. But then again, because the designs stand up a bit too much, it might be hard to match it with your clothes. I’m really glad that I actually found these shoes!

  3. Hi Marka, I’m really sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with our product. My name is Travis and I’m the owner of Iron Fist. We have made some big changes to our European distribution in order to get the pricing corrected. Those shoes should never have cost you 99 Euro. I would like to offer you a free pair of Iron Fist shoes to make up for your experience and to show you our commitment to our product. You can contact me on my email address to discus further. Kind regards

    • Wow. Just wow. I really don’t know what to say! These past few weeks I’ve been stalking lots of Iron Fist products in Amazon and seriously fell madly in love. But, the price is too expensive over here. I checked the Iron Fist website in US and the price is way more affordable, if it’s not for the high shipping, I’d have buy tons of them already. I’ll contact you through email later :)

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  5. Hello! I was wondering if you knew how I can reach Travis? I send iron fist my package to exchange and it’s been two weeks and they have not returned my emails or calls. I’m extremely upset with them. I don’t plan on ever shopping with them after this awful experience. It seems as if they keep stretching the date line and don’t want to send it back to me. I’ve been a regular customer but they completely upset me. I hope to contact anyone I can.

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