Iron Fist’s “Distant Memory”: How Did I Get This for Free?


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On February, I bought a pair of Iron Fist Lovelace Wedges and posted a review about it here. I was really pleased with the wedges, however the price was a bit too expensive; €99 for the pair, bought from Amazon via MIKfunshopping*. It was kind of an unfair price for the wedges and the quality, but I sucked it up and didn’t return it (because they’re just so damn cute!). However, being a bitch that I am, I just had to rant about it on my blog.

A few months later, the great Travis Anderson, owner of the Iron Fist Clothing Brand ACTUALLY read my rant and offered his apology. Apparently, they have some problems with the pricing in Europe. Which is very true indeed, because if you check or, it’s quite hard to get any Iron Fist items for an affordable price. Here’s what he wrote on the comment:

Hi Marka, I’m really sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with our product. My name is Travis and I’m the owner of Iron Fist. We have made some big changes to our European distribution in order to get the pricing corrected. Those shoes should never have cost you 99 Euro. I would like to offer you a free pair of Iron Fist shoes to make up for your experience and to show you our commitment to our product. You can contact me on my email address to discus further. Kind regards

Okay. First of all, he thought that my name was Marka. Uhh, “märkä” actually means ‘wet’ in Finnish. That’s the signature I usually put in the bottom of my post. Wet kisses for y’all LOL. Anyway, enough of that. So you read what he wrote up there. I was seriously impressed. Like, really, really impressed. I’m just a random blogger, ranting about how expensive I had to pay for the shoes because I’m constantly broke and posting a short review about it. Then Travis came, explained the situation about their distributing problems in Europe, and trying to cheer me up, by offering me a free pair of Iron Fist shoes. His commitment to his brand was the thing that really impress me the most. omgomgomgfreeshoesFREESHOESlol

I was afraid that it was a spam though. It was too good to be true, for me. Like I said, I’m just a random blogger. A blogger who treats her shoes like her lovers, and constantly flirting with them.  I felt like I didn’t deserve this after ranting about it on my blog. I mean; a pair of ANY model that I want? I was also suspicious if this was some kind of  a scam. But after cross-checking everything via Google, I sent an email to Travis, and here’s what I got a couple of weeks later:

Iron Fist Distant Memory Wedge; 15 CM/5,9 Inches

Iron Fist Distant Memory Wedges; 15 CM/5,9 Inches. Front Platform 4 CM/1,5 Inches

Iron Fist’s Distant Memory Wedges has actually been in my wishlist for weeks. When I saw these on The Fist Shop**, I knew I just had to buy it. I knew that this pair is destined to be my Favorite White Summer Shoes. However, the price in The Fist Shop was €129.99. That’s seriously a huge amount of money. Meanwhile the price they had on International Iron Fist Clothing webpage was US$60, unfortunately at that time the webpage didn’t offer any shipping to Germany. So all I could do was sighing longingly at my screen…

… until Travis and Chris Frara from IFC asked me which shoes that I wanted. I told them that I wish to have the Distant Memory Wedges. Then it’s posted on the next day. My God, is it really okay to be this happy?

Continue reading to see MOAR pictures of the shoes and my review:

Side view. Front Platform is 4 CM, back heel is 15 CM

Side view

Front View

Front View

Details of Strap, Gold Charm, and Print

Details of Strap, Gold Charm, and Print

I love these babies so much! Like another Iron Fist Wedges that I own beside this, it’s really easy to walk in these shoes. The heel’s height is a bit intimidating, but once you strap the shoes on, it’s a breeze. They fit nicely, true to their size, and the design…. my God, the design. Look, I was so, so desperate to find the Perfect White Shoes for summer, I almost gave up, swallow my pride and maybe find a casual, common white high heels somewhere in the mall. Something that doesn’t make me stand out from other mortals. But when I got this pair, I have to thank the God of High Heels. I’m so lucky to actually have these wedges in my possession.

The design of the shoes is really cute and girly. However, the gold studs and the skull print brings the inner beast in these shoes, just like other Iron Fist products out there. The straps are comfortable, and it didn’t take me long to fiddle around with the straps to put the wedges on. Also, the gold skull charm on the strap? It’s gorgeous! I’m amazed how something so tiny is actually the thing that my friends love the most about the shoes.

Speaking about the comfort while wearing it, well, the shoes are really, really light. The heels might be 15 CM high, but I didn’t have a hard time walking or skipping with this. However, walking out on the street might be quite troublesome. To me, wearing wedges is like strapping your shoes to a pair of blocks. A bit of bumps on the road and I’ll trip over like a truck. I know some people think that walking in wedges are so much easier than pumps, but that’s not the case for me. Wedges are good to be worn in places like the mall, or any other nicely tiled, flat surface. On the sidewalk or on shopping street? You have to be extra careful with this. I actually fell over and skinned my knee on my first wear. Don’t worry, I only mourn for like, 3 days or so because I ruined the inside of my shoe.

Overall, if you’re looking for the Perfect White Summer Shoes, Distant Memory by Iron Fist is the thing I could recommend for you. It’s sweet and feminine, yet it still has the edge. It could go with MOST style of clothing you have. The heels are high, but if you can master it, you won’t be getting any scratches, unlike me.


The Iron Fist Distant Memory series ranging from Bag, Clutch, and other types of footwear. Image here.

MIKfunshopping is only the most awesome place where you can get alternative clothing for affordable price.

** The Fist Shop The official distributor of Iron Fist & Abbey Dawn in Germany. Price, however, is quite expensive.

Märkä Suukko,

Madame Qikas

Madame Qikas

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