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2nd Wedding Anniversary

His Gift: Billy Talent Tickets & Lindt

His Gift: Billy Talent Tickets & Lindt

So this is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. As far as of now, we’ve been married for 2 years, and together for 5 years 8 months. WOOHOO!

I’d have lied if I say that I “never” regret my marriage. Hey, we all have that down moment in a relationship that we regretted. But I am proud to say that all those “regrets” that I have in doing this marriage are puny and small compared to the happiness and love we share.

I am married to a guy who loves me, respects my opinion, helps me clean up the house, gives me a kiss after eating something I made, bites or nudge my nose when he thinks I’m being cute, makes me hot water compress when I’m sick AND a guy who cleans up my vomit when I was down with flu.

To top it all, this guy bought me a ticket to watch Billy Talent in Luxembourg. Even though the only thing he knows about this band is that I love it ever since High School.

I love you, Babesy.

Superschwarzes Mannheim; My First Goth Event

SSM Poster

Mannheim Super Black

The Superschwarzes Mannheim (shortened to SS Mannheim, ironically) is a Gothic Party held monthly in MS Connexion, an event building which consists of 2 floors. The party has 6 different dance floors, each with a different theme, ranging from Cyber to Industrial. The event itself starts from 22:00 until 04:00, just as the night started till dawn. Ticket costs 8 EUR, and it’s worth every cent.

To think that a week before the event, I invited several friends of mine from the Deutschkurs to attend the party with me. Their response? “Nooo! You can’t go there! It’s creepy, scary and they’re GERMAN GOTHS! Are you saying you’re a Goth too? Hahaha! The German Goths are more extreme than any Goths out there!”

Now I myself have been a huge fan of the Goth subculture, especially their fashion choice. The very first time I had a contact to a Goth subculture was through manga, hence my influence in the culture is mostly from Japanese Death Metal bands and Gosurori* fashion. I have no idea of any western Goth bands out there, except for some classics like Faith & The Muse or Siouxsie & The Banshees. To be honest, I was really nervous in attending my very first Gothic event ever in the west. I’ve been really interested in this subculture ever since my early teenage years, yet this was my very first time to be in a so-called Goth club. It was like a christening to me, and I actually felt like this was really, really important to be accepted in the community. (Yeah, I took myself too seriously like that)

I’ve decided to wear a 50’s-inspired corset dress by Living Dead Souls and Frankenstein Cameo Lace Mary Jane by T.U.K. Shoes, because I feel so much more comfortable dressing in a Gothabilly* fashion than any other choices out there. It’s mostly because of my body shape, but then again I don’t see any appeal in dressing myself as a Cyber* or Gosurori, for example. They’re just not made for me. So my very first Goth “christening” I’ve decided to go in my most favorite fashion choice; The 50’s with a dark twist.

This is how I look with the dress and the make up. Take note that this picture was taken AFTER the party, on 04:30 in the morning, and I couldn’t care less of my messy bed. I smartly forgot to take a picture before I went to MS Connexion, but then again, after all that moshing and dancing, my hair and make up looks almost the same when I first put ’em on.

Continue for picture…

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Finland, Selamat Idul Fitri!


Di Finland/Finlandia lebaran Idul Fitri jatuh di hari selasa 30 Agustus 2011, dan tentu suasananya ga se-euphoric di Indonesia. Biasanya kalian semua diseret famili buat mampir ke rumah mereka, terus dicekokin opor dan ditanyain “KAPAN KAWIN?”. Tapi ga di sini. Doa saya, kalian yang menderita dapet THR yang memuaskan deh :P

Anyway, Idul Fitri di Finland bener2 pengalaman yang baru buat saya. Saya sudah pernah sih lebaran di Singapore tahun 2007 dulu, tapi ga ada apa-apanya dibanding yang ini.

Kok ada balon ijo? Baca lebih lanjut!

The English version of this article could be read here.

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Finland, Eid Mubarak!


Even though it was only three days since Eid Fitr in Finland (which fell on Tuesday, 30 August 2011), you couldn’t really feel the euphoria over here. I know in Indonesia the Eid Fitr is still so strong in the air, your relatives will drag you around visiting their homes. Tough luck, guys.

Anyway, Eid Fitr in Finland is a whole new different level for me. I have experienced Eid Fitr in Singapore on 2007, but it was puny compared to this.

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