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My husband caught a cold, so…


Another day of my vacation in Finland, but I didn’t do anything remotely Finnish. Not going to sauna. Not exploring the forests. I did eat some berries, but I didn’t do any picking. What I mostly did is struggling with the new theme for my blog so my day didn’t really go to waste. Oh, and taking this very fancy picture:

Soft grass and pretty toes

That’s taken on my parents-in-law building site for the new house. The lovely 90 square meters 2-story house is located right by the sea, with HUGE yards and just beside a small forest. Perfect for my nature-loving in-laws, not so nice for me because I can’t take my heels. But then again, walking barefoot under the sun, on soft grass is quite something. And my self-pedicure is just so, so lovely.

For your information, that’s ESSENCE nail polish, from their Show Your Feet line. The thing only costed me €1.65, and as they claimed, actually last quite long. It’s been a week now since I did this, and my toes still look like they’re freshly pedicured.  The color might be a bit too vibrant for my skin tone, as they’re a bit pale right now, but as a stand alone color, they’re fantastic. The color in the bottle is actually mint green, but when painted on your nails, they’re actually dark turquoise.

Anyway, speaking of colors, I decided to change the background and avatar picture in this blog. I just recently lost my only pair of glasses, and reading on a dark screen is such a pain. So I did myself a favor and changed the blog to a brighter theme. MONSTERS AND CANDIES! Aren’t they cute? :D

Finland, Selamat Idul Fitri!


Di Finland/Finlandia lebaran Idul Fitri jatuh di hari selasa 30 Agustus 2011, dan tentu suasananya ga se-euphoric di Indonesia. Biasanya kalian semua diseret famili buat mampir ke rumah mereka, terus dicekokin opor dan ditanyain “KAPAN KAWIN?”. Tapi ga di sini. Doa saya, kalian yang menderita dapet THR yang memuaskan deh :P

Anyway, Idul Fitri di Finland bener2 pengalaman yang baru buat saya. Saya sudah pernah sih lebaran di Singapore tahun 2007 dulu, tapi ga ada apa-apanya dibanding yang ini.

Kok ada balon ijo? Baca lebih lanjut!

The English version of this article could be read here.

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Finland, Eid Mubarak!


Even though it was only three days since Eid Fitr in Finland (which fell on Tuesday, 30 August 2011), you couldn’t really feel the euphoria over here. I know in Indonesia the Eid Fitr is still so strong in the air, your relatives will drag you around visiting their homes. Tough luck, guys.

Anyway, Eid Fitr in Finland is a whole new different level for me. I have experienced Eid Fitr in Singapore on 2007, but it was puny compared to this.

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