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2nd Wedding Anniversary

His Gift: Billy Talent Tickets & Lindt

His Gift: Billy Talent Tickets & Lindt

So this is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. As far as of now, we’ve been married for 2 years, and together for 5 years 8 months. WOOHOO!

I’d have lied if I say that I “never” regret my marriage. Hey, we all have that down moment in a relationship that we regretted. But I am proud to say that all those “regrets” that I have in doing this marriage are puny and small compared to the happiness and love we share.

I am married to a guy who loves me, respects my opinion, helps me clean up the house, gives me a kiss after eating something I made, bites or nudge my nose when he thinks I’m being cute, makes me hot water compress when I’m sick AND a guy who cleans up my vomit when I was down with flu.

To top it all, this guy bought me a ticket to watch Billy Talent in Luxembourg. Even though the only thing he knows about this band is that I love it ever since High School.

I love you, Babesy.

Kenapa gue ogah nonton L’Arc~En~Ciel di Paris


Waktu masih SMP dan SMA dulu, gue lagi gila apapun yang berhubungan dengan Manga (Japanese Comic), Games dan apapun yang berhubungan dengan Jepang. Waktu itu, gue dengan bangganya masih menyebut diri sendiri “Otaku”, atau bahasa sindirannya NERD. Tapi gue nerd yang rada-rada hipster gitu deh. Sok keren, tapi tampilan kayak Spongebob.


Waktu itu, gue cuma mau dengerin musik Jepang, and I always thought my taste was more superior than others because I liked things they didn’t know. Hipster abis deh. Otomatis gue ga punya temen, karena ga ada yang punya interest yang sama kayak gue. Band favorit gue yang musiknya udah gue dengerin semenjak umur 13 tahun itu ialah L’Arc~en~Ciel. Meskipun namanya sok-sok Prancis gitu, tapi L’arc~en~Ciel ini punya kualitas musik yang memang beneran bagus.

10 tahun lebih ngedengerin L’Arc~En~Ciel, band ini punya tempat yang spesial di hati gue. Seperti musikus lain macam Chrisye dan Nujabes (both are dead BTW). Karena band ini lah, gue perlahan-lahan mulai menambah teman waktu SMA.

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This is A New Blog!


Hello and welcome to my new blog, Madame Qikas.

This is my second blog and I hope that this would prosper in a longer term rather than my old blog, also hosted in WordPress, NottdeNutt (circa September 2007 – May 2008) . Different from NottdeNutt, a blog that I made in my teenage years, Madame Qikas would probably be more mature in articles, and not so emo anymore.

I opted for the screen name Madame Qikas for this blog, the name mostly inspired by this really kick-ass picture my cousin took meanwhile helping my pre-nuptial photography. Thus the name Madame Qikas was born.

This really kick-ass picture.

For those who read my old blog and would like to know what has happened in the past 3 years, let me tell you (some). I quit my university study in Nanyang Technological University Singapore, for reasons that I will not feed. I am now still in a relationship with BB (Bule Botak), and actually happily married ever since 6 May 2011. From now on, I will refer to him as The Husband.  I am now living in Finland, specifically in the Aura Municipality, and greatly enjoying my life as an Indonesian expatriate.

Madame Qikas would tell you everything (that she wants to) in the blog. From daily cooking recipes to current events. From film photography to enhanced food pictures. If you want to know more about Madame Qikas aka Natasha H. Soini, you could follow my twitter here. I mostly tweet to my friends in Indonesia, but healthy daily complaints will be written mostly in English.

Märkä Suukko,

Madame Qikas