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Iron Fist’s “Lovelace”: A Tale of an Overpriced Shoes


At the same time I ordered Abbey Dawn’s Dirty Girl from Amazon.de, I also decided to order a pair of Iron Fist’s wedges from the Lovelace series. Now if you’ve been stalking Iron Fist’s shoe designs like me, you might notice that their design is pretty hardcore and creepy in a cute way. Mismatching, non-symmetrical prints on each shoe and full design that give the shoes a life. Now if you’re me, you might also think that Iron Fist, while really interesting, is not a style that you’d usually wear. Therefore you’d spent most of your time stalking Iron Fist shoes and not buying it.

That’s until I found this Iron Fist Lovelace Wedges* being sold in Amazon for EUR 99.99. It’s expensive. Really, really expensive and seriously outside of my normal shoes budget. But hey, ever since I bought my Coralie DUO boots, I decided to calm my boobs and ordered the shoes.


Iron Fist “Lovelace”; 6 Inches / 15 CM

And here’s what I think about these wedges:

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