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2nd Wedding Anniversary

His Gift: Billy Talent Tickets & Lindt

His Gift: Billy Talent Tickets & Lindt

So this is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. As far as of now, we’ve been married for 2 years, and together for 5 years 8 months. WOOHOO!

I’d have lied if I say that I “never” regret my marriage. Hey, we all have that down moment in a relationship that we regretted. But I am proud to say that all those “regrets” that I have in doing this marriage are puny and small compared to the happiness and love we share.

I am married to a guy who loves me, respects my opinion, helps me clean up the house, gives me a kiss after eating something I made, bites or nudge my nose when he thinks I’m being cute, makes me hot water compress when I’m sick AND a guy who cleans up my vomit when I was down with flu.

To top it all, this guy bought me a ticket to watch Billy Talent in Luxembourg. Even though the only thing he knows about this band is that I love it ever since High School.

I love you, Babesy.